A year in photographs, 2015

To follow on from my previous ‘A year in photographs, 2014‘ here are my best shots from 2015, each with a little blurb.

Bald Dune, Sable Island

Bald Dune, Sable Island. This is one of my favourite places on Sable Island. Once the highest point on the island, it has recently changed form but remains as elegant as ever.

Dune, Sable Island

Dune, Sable Island. I have awlays been fascinated by the forms that are created using such simple ingredients as sand and wind.

Sanderlings, Sable Island

Sanderlings, Sable Island. For such a small bird as the sanderling, Sable Island is a harsh place. Here they huddle behind a very small hump of sand in a sand storm.

Grey seals in coitus, Sable Island

Grey seals in coitus Sable Island. Naughty, yes, but I find this shot so beautiful to look at. Very peaceful and I love the form and textures.

Dune, Sable Island
Dune, Sable Island. I often find myself drawn to lines when I look at the world.

Snowy Owl, Sable Island

Snowy Owl, Sable Island. A rather tame image but it was a joy to share Sable Island with this amazing bird. The owl was on the island throughout January and was still there in June when we returned.

My niece, Abigail

My niece, Abigail; Ireland. I enjoy shooting people but find it difficult. Occasionally they drop their guard and just look at you, and not the camera.

Crazy Irish, Tadhg

My nephew, Tadhg; Ireland. I really like the composition of this shot. Tadhg is very energetic and awlays playing up for the camera. I think I got him here though.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall, Scotland. I am really not great at shooting landscapes but like the feel of this one. An amazing place to visit.

Trees on the path of Hadian's Wall

Trees on the path of Hadrian’s Wall, Scotland. Trees are very expressive and display a strong sense of place.

My crazy nephew, Sam

My nephew Sam; Hove, England. Sam is always full of energy and simply a crazy kid, but very artistic and creative.

Clouds, Sable Island

Clouds, Sable Island. The formation of these clouds was something I had never seen before. I have been to Sable Is. each year since 1996, and every time I go Sable always shows me something new.

Arctic Tern, Sable Island

Arctic Tern, Sable Island. These birds are very elegant, in appearance and behaviour. I find it a challenge to express it.

Sable Island horse

Sable Island horse, Sable Island. The Sable Island horse is the main reason why people are fascinated by this island. Although there is so much more to see, I too find myself drawn to them, especially their wildness.

Jim Mc Millan's wedding

At Jim McMillan’s wedding, Annapolis Valley, NS. A moment during a busy colourful day.

Sable Island, June, seal deployment

The digital seal, Sable Island. This is why I go to Sable Island, to study this critter, the grey seal. This male has been deployed with a GPS satellite tag to record his movement and diving behaviour, an accelerometer which, 50 times a second, will record its head movement so we can study its behaviour while at sea, and an acoustic transceiver that will record the presence of any acoustically tagged fish. Using these tags, we hope to better understand how seals behave at sea and what they are feeding on.

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