Dr Damian Lidgard

My interest in the art of photography lies not with the camera but with seeing the beauty of this world through fresh perceptions.

My approach to photography is to sit or move quietly and observe. My studies in zoology, contemplative photography (Miksang) and other dharma arts taught me to see the beauty of nature through fresh perceptions. Consequently, my images are often simple, spacious, and yet strongly expressive. Much of my photography comes from Sable Island in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.

The practice of Miksang is very much a contemplative exercise; the focus is not on the camera but on seeing fresh perceptions. To become proficient in seeing, one must first stop the chatter that takes place in the mind when a perception appears. Judgements, labels, and associations prevent one from seeing the raw qualities of a perception such that the photograph taken does not faithfully capture what was seen. As the Miksang practitioner becomes more disciplined and skilful, the world appears brighter, more vivid, and accessible.

Each time I go to Sable Island, I see something different. Being in an exposed, wild, natural environment allows the mind to be very relaxed and open which is the core of Miksang; a quiet mind allows one to see things as they are





I am very happy to use my artistic talent to support local arts (Symphony Nova Scotia), conservation efforts (Nature Conservancy of Canada), children less fortunate than I was (Save The Children, SOS Children’s Villages) and my local buddhist centre.

Lidgard Photography