Let me see, let me taste,…

I am always thinking of new ways to exhibit my art work, and a recent addition to my interests provided a rather unique opportunity to do something a little different. In April this year, I graduated as a professional sommelier after studying the intensive courses of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers. Not long after, I thought of a collaboration between my wine interest and photography, a wine-photography pairing and tasting. Since this month (October) is the month long photography festival, Photopolis, I decided to create this exhibit and collaborated with my favourite local wine haunt, Bishops Cellar.

From 10th to 31st October I will be displaying seven photographic images of Sable Island at Bishops Cellar, with each paired to a wine. [tickets available here]

“A photograph is a visual expression, but the reaction it evokes can be felt across the senses; you can imagine being in the image, or feel it’s texture. From the start, wine tasting involves all of the senses but often we need guidance to fully appreciate it. In this exhibit, Damian Lidgard displays seven evocative photographic images from Sable Island with each paired to a single wine. On October 17th, you will have the opportunity to evaluate each pairing and experience Sable Island through all of your senses, while at the same time develop a greater appreciation of wine.”

Yellowlegs_StVeran HorseDunes_JuranconSealSnow_PouillyFume  HorseGullSea_Rioja TwoHorses_OpenNow BlackHorse_CabSauv UntitledNormanHardie

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