Setting sun, grazing horses, Sable Island

14 days on Sable Island, 2014: day ten!

After two days of arduous work unloading supplies from the resupply ship and loading junk on to it from the island, we are all shagged and sat listening to the England vs. Uruguay match; Wayne Rooney just scored and equalized.

Meanwhile, the horses continue to eat grass…

Setting sun, grazing horses, Sable Island
Mist and setting sun with horses grazing on grass. Apparently, Sable Is. horses show no interest whatsoever in the World Cup.

Doing scientific research on an island as remote as Sable requires considerable time and effort to supply the camp with fuel, food and maintenance supplies.Fuel is needed for transport, running generators and fueling helicopters when they come and collect us. So, we just spent 2 days moving ~40 210L barrels from the North beach to our camp. Thankfully , we have a lovely Kubota tractor to help us out.

Our faithful tractor, Sable Is.
We use this tractor to move our supplies around the island…
Barrels of fuel, Sable Is.
The fuel shed stocks diesel and jet fuel to run our program…

With four days left we have three seals to catch, finish moving supplies around and do a little maintenance. Meanwhile, England just lost, 2:1

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