14 days on Sable Island: Day 2

Today the weather was less cooperative on Sable than yesterday; windy, several heavy showers of rain and fog. Fortunately, I like that weather; it energises you, especially when you are outside all day in it.

Tractor trash

In a couple of days time, a ship will arrive here with fuel, food, etc for the two Fisheries and Oceans camps. That ship will also remove any junk, waste, etc from the island. So we spent our day collecting the junk and other waste from the two camps and stacking it on the beach ready to be taken away.


Grey seals and dunes

When people think of Sable Island, many consider it to be rather flat; simply a sand bar in the ocean. But Sable is far from flat. The centre of Sable is populated by many high dunes, some reaching 30 m in height. I really like the shapes of the dunes and how they stand out from the rest of the island when looking from a distance. Those black bodies lying along the beach are grey seals. There are also a few common or arctic terns on the beach.

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