14 days on Sable Island: Day 5

Today was a totally different day to yesterday. Indeed, our weather changed yesterday evening; the rain stopped and the sky turned blue just in time for a wonderful sunset of oranges, pinks and reds. Today, the sun stayed with us all day, the sea was calm and our entire day was spent on the beach welcoming our resupply ship.

North Beach, Sable Island
North Beach, Sable Is. on a sunny morning










With the excitement for the arrival of our resupply, the day started early with a 545 rise, a quick breakfast and on the beach at 7am. Not too far from shore was the ship pulling a barge full of our gear: ATVs, dry food, fuel and other field gear stuff.

Waiting for the resupply
Don Bowen and Jim McMillan (DFO) waiting for the resupply to come ashore











The fact that we spent more than two hours on the beach watching the ship and waiting for something to happen did test our excitement a little.

Beach wood
I enjoy photographing beach wood because they often have an interesting character.

Nevertheless, around 930am people began moving and soon enough our supply was being sent ashore.

Resupply coming ashore
The amphibious vehicle is being loaded off the barge











The Canadian Coastguard use to bring the resupply for our field camp and also supplied the weather station, through ship and helicopter. However, with the takeover by Parks Canada the coastguard pulled out and Dominion Divers won the bid for the contract. Our gear now arrives by ship and barge. A crane on the barge delivers stuff to an amphibious vehicle which drives it ashore to be collected by a truck+winch which then delivers our gear to the top of the beach.

The amphibian!
The amphibious vehicle lands ashore











Its quite the operation but works splendidly as long as the sea is calm and the sun shines brightly.

The land craft brings the gear ashore for us to take with our tractor
Our brilliant orange tractor takes the gear to the field camp…in time for tea.
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