Sable Island (Nova Scotia) in June

I have just completed one week on Sable Island (Nova Scotia) as part of my work as a research zoologist/photographer. Today we (5-person team) are hoping to leave the island. I had intended to create a blog during my stay, with images, but we have had issues with the internet. So, I am going to create the blog post-trip. Here is day one.

21 June 2012

Since our intended departure on the 18th June, fog on Sable has delayed our departure. Each day, we have been on standby waiting to see if the fog clears. It is a strange mindset to be in; on the one hand your mind is already on the island, while on the other it is at home waiting to be engaged. The key is to focus your mind on where you are and continue as is until the situation changes. And it did, on the 21 June.
Once again we were on standby in the morning, but in the early afternoon the fog had cleared on the island and we were set to go. After dashing home and packing up the car with gear, we were back on standby, the fog had rolled back in, and then the flight was cancelled for the day. I unloaded the car and was about to continue my work when I received another call, the flight was back on and I was to go to the airport.
When I arrived at the airport I learnt that although the conditions were not great we were going to give it a go in the hope that the fog cleared long enough for us to land and for the plane to depart. On route we passed through stands of fog but as the island came in to view (always a marvellous sight) the fog was gone and the island was clear. We landed, removed our gear from the plane and less than an hour after the plane departed, the fog rolled back in and closed us off.

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