Burger hands

The Making of the Mission Street Burger

“When I think back on all those burgers I formed by hand, slapping around ground beef thoughtlessly back and forth, back and forth, I weep with shame. Then I brine pork belly in those hot, bitter tears.” Mission Street Food, Myint & Leibowitz (2011)

Polar Operations
We start with a discussion of ingredients and techniques

The crew arrive and the discussion begins.

raw burger ingredients
We start with chuck, brisket and fat

6.5 lbs chuck, brisket and short rib and 1 lb fat.

North Brewing Company beer and MEAT!

It is important to have a supply of good tasty liquid while preparing BURGER!

Many hands are required for handling the delicate grind
Many hands are required for handling the delicate grind
Arrival of the GRIND
Lay down the GRIND

As the GRIND leaves the GRINDER it is important to lay it down in long connected strands; why? all will become clear later

The Debate
The BURGER debating society

There were some issues with the GRIND which led the BURGER debating society to start, debating


Baby Miko

baby Miko sleeps soundly in the next room, dreaming of playing a grand pianoforte. Miko will receive BURGER in a different form later…and

Dogs like BURGER!
Dogs like BURGER!
Kiki waits patiently for the BURGER to fall, its her house so Fennec must await his turn

The GRIND is done and awaits for the next stage….

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